Why You Should Choose Ezratty & Levine for Real Estate Litigation

post-1If you have bought, sold or are looking to buy a home then you will agree that the process is not as easy as it is supposed to be. There is a rather long process that involves a lot of negotiation and legalities. Many people tend to delegate duties pertaining to the painstaking process of real estate transactions to their real estate agent or their broker. Although the broker can handle most of the transaction, there are some legalities pertaining to the contract that the real estate agent might be unable to deal with. This calls for a real estate lawyer. If you are looking for a home in the uptown neighborhoods of New York even Manhattan real estate agents might fall short when it comes to real estate law.

In 1995 real estate law was easy, all you needed was to fill a form and you are pretty much done with any legality pertaining to the deal you were going to make it. Many deals were made and real estate was actually fun. However with the housing bubble of 2008 coupled by the economic downturn that followed, real estate just became more complicated. Property price has skyrocketed and people are much less trusting than they used to be. This was largely due to the skullduggery and shady deals that characterized the economic depression of ’08. To protect yourself f from such scrupulous deals it is important to hire a professional real estate law firm.

Ezratty & Levine is a dedicated firm that seeks to serve its clients and protect them in this economic climate. Founded in 1992 the firm has had extensive experience in real estate law. With a wide array of professionals Ezratty & Levine is arguably one of the best real estate firms in the country. The firm treats every case individually offering solutions tailored to each client.

Ezratty, Ezratty & Levine has a diversified practice focusing majorly on cases dealing with Landlord and Tenant. The focus on the client gives the firm an edge as it seeks to solve even the most complex of situations so as to ensure that their client gets the best deal of the deal. If you are looking for a law firm to represent you in real estate, then Ezratty should be your first choice.